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BAC IMI Saskatchewan Promotional Brochure

This is an excellent resource for helping to promote our local training plan.

Saskatchewan Masonry Training Plan

Details of Saskatchewan Masonry Training Improvement Project which helped us get to where we are today.

Canadian Masonry Study 2000

The Complete Report of the National Masonry Human Resources Study. Take a look and see how our industry looked in 2000 and think about where we are today. Our local is now moving ahead of the pack

IUBAC Headquarters Web Site

Everything you need to know about our International.

Employment Insurance Web Site, Service Canada

Don't forget about Compassionate Leave Provisions of the EI Program!

BAC 1 SK Benefits Web Site

Details on your Bricklayers Insurance Trust and Bricklayers Pension Fund of Alberta and Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Web Site

Details from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission

Alcohol and Drug Pocket Guide

A folding pocket guide to the Alcohol and Drug Policy & Procedures.

Worksafe Saskatchewan Web Site

Go to this Government of Saskatchewan Web Site to learn more about your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Includes training materials.

Canada Retirement Income Calculator

Government of Canada Web Page to Determine how much income you will have at retirement including Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Supplement.

Union Savings

Web Site for Union Member Only Savings Plans for many products and services.

Canadian Passport Web Site

All the latest details on how to apply for and renew your passport.

Canada Border Services Agency

Latest information on travel to and from Canada and links to importing and exporting rules.

International Masonry Institute

Many resources, including masonry detail drawings and photos and videos from the John J. Flynn Training Center.

Construction Labour Relations Saskatchewan Web Site

Go to this Web Site to view or download our current collective agreements. On the main page, click on agreements.

Construction Opportunities Development Council (CODC)

Partnership to Improve Opportunities for individuals including Construction Employee and Family Assistance Program (CEFAP), Alcohol and Drug Policy Education and others.

Construction Employee and Family Assistance Program (CEFAP)

Description of CEFAP Services available to members.

Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board Web Site

Workers' Compensation Official Web Site.

National Codes Documents

National Research Council of Canada National Construction Codes Web Site.

Envrionment Canada Current Conditions

Want to know what the weather is like where you are going. Excellent up to the minute information from the Canadian Government Weather Office Web Site

Maps On Line at MapQuest Web Site

Maps and Driving Directions in Canada and the United States.

United States Customs and Border Protection

US Government Web Site with information on travelling to and from the United States.


News Release

Bill C-377

 Bill C-377 is a bill introduced as the Income Tax act, to require labour unions to provide more financial information to the government.

Copy of Bill (pdf)

Myth and Facts

Building Trades survey

Second Reading vote count(pdf)

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Bill 80

Bill 80 is the Saskatchewan Party’s attempt to destabilize the construction industry in SK and is a direct attack on Building Trades Unions.

Full Information

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