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Local 1 Saskatchewan, Regina: Application Filed 7/10/1906, Installed 8/9/1906, Hugh McLarty, Acting Secretary, Corr. Secretary, E.A. Latta, Deputy, 5/27/1977 Duplicate Charter Issued, 4/18/1996 Local 3 merged into a new consolidated Local 1.

Local 2 Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw: Application filed 8/12/1906, Installed 10/26/1906, Harry Robson, corr. Secretary, F. Gragg, Financial Secretary, M. Balthorn, Deputy, Changing Title, 5/29/1918, Title Changed per Circular #28, 12/31/1969, Merged with 1 Saskatchewan, 7/31/1969.

Local 3 Saskatchewan, Saskatoon: Application Filed 9/8/1908, Installed 9/19/1908, Horace Baines, corr. Secretary, Fred Carter, Financial Secretary, J. Toms, Deputy, Changing Title, 12/12/1918, Disbanded 12/31/1947, Reinstated, 6/21/1948, Merged into new consolidated Local 1, 4/18/1996.

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Bill C-377

 Bill C-377 is a bill introduced as the Income Tax act, to require labour unions to provide more financial information to the government.

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Building Trades survey

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Bill 80

Bill 80 is the Saskatchewan Party’s attempt to destabilize the construction industry in SK and is a direct attack on Building Trades Unions.

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